Liminal is a photographic series of large format double exposures merging two realities into one, addressing liminal consciousness, or awareness between waking and sleeping.

12innoborderLiminal (2), Digital C-print, 28″ x 36″, 2016

The images are dark; so dark that the image is at times barely visible. These heavy shadows emphasize the fleeting, ephemeral nature of liminal consciousness. This allows the viewer’s mind to expand into the void, just as it does when they let their thoughts wander in a daydream or reverie. Ultimately this is the goal of Liminal: to act as a catalyst for consciousness projection.

fleeting18Liminal (1), Digital C-print, 28″ x 36″, 2016

12innoborder_3Liminal (3), Digital C-print, 28″ x 36″, 2016

12innoborder_2Liminal (4), Digital C-print, 36″ x 28″, 2016

Liminal (installation view), Digital C-prints, 2016, Beetnix Wall Space

Trevor Poudrier Photographic Artist.