VR: Scapestudy

Although a dreamer may navigate a dream in a seemingly logical manner, it is when recalling these events that the logic seems to disappear. You may remember being in your room and then driving in your car, but not the walk to your car, the unlocking, open and close of the door, or starting the engine; you are just driving and it made sense. You continue along with the situation, not thinking of the missing, and necessary, means of how your present state came to be.

Scapestudy is an attempt to address the acceptance of the incongruent nature of a dreamscape through combining photography with current virtual reality technology.

Click the VR Experience below each image to see a 360º view.

tpoudrier_dreamscape-6_2016Dreamscape Study (6), VR experience, 2016, Google StreetView

pano_20150309_191416Dreamscape Study (4), VR experience, 2016, Google StreetView

tpoudrier_dreamscape-3_2016Dreamscape Study (3), VR experience, 2016, Google StreetView

tpoudrier_dreamscape-7_2016Dreamscape Study (7), VR experience, 2016, Google StreetView